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Groin Testing

Groin Testing

Poor movement control of the hip, pelvis and thorax during sport is associated with a biomechanical overload of anatomical structures in and around the hip and groin. This overload results in inflammation and chronic groin pain. Three-dimensional motion capture can provide an insight into the abnormal movement patterns that can lead to groin pain and thus guide the rehabilitation process to get individuals back playing as soon as possible.
The Sports Surgery Clinic’s 3D Movement Analysis Lab utilises 8 state of the art motion capture cameras to assess human movement at super slow speeds (250 frames per second). In addition the precise forces acting in and around the hip and pelvis are assessed by combining the movement data with data collected from two force platforms.
Several different movement tests (e.g. landing and change of direction) are undertaken in order to identify the underlying movement deficiencies which have caused groin injury. Asymmetries in control and loading can be identified and a comparison with normative healthy data can be made.
The results of the 3D motion capture analysis can be used to create a tailored rehabilitation program for the patient that ultimately aims to reduce biomechanical overload in the groin region and reduce the risk of future injury.

Pre Rehab – Poor Pelvis and Thorax control.


Post Rehab – Improved Pelvis and Thorax control.

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