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Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing

Exercise is Medicine

Physical exercise has strong evidence to show some pretty impressive benefits with studies showing dementia risk reduced by up to 30%, Depression by 30%, Cardiovascular disease by 35%, Type 2 diabetes by 40% and Colon cancer by 35% but many people have concerns about either what exercise is best or whether they are fit to exercise.


There are also many people who exercise regularly and have done for many years but feel they are not improving as much as they want to, or have hit a wall in their training either for the local 10Km race or in multiple marathons and adventure races or not recovering as quickly from their Tennis, Golf or swimming program.


The point is everyone has different needs and ambitions, and your fitness assessment should be tailored to those. We do know that exercise is medicine and our goal with SSC Fitness Lab, is to give you an appropriate and beneficial program of testing that can improve your goals and your outcome.


If you are wanting to change your lifestyle, modify and improve your Exercise is Medicine health, reduce your risk of serious illness, or just feel comfortable that you are ready to start exercising and want advice from the leading Sports Medicine Centre Specialists, then we have a program for you.


SSC Fitness Lab is designed to assess your current fitness levels both cardiovascular and also, using the unique SSC Lab, test your whole body power and strength, then prescribe a program of exercise suitable to help you achieve your goals and ambitions. The program is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of Consultant Physicians, nurses, and strength and conditioning coaches, all experts in the field.


To book an appointment with a member of our Fitness team please call 01 5262030 or email

Fitness Lab

Assessment using the latest technology


Once you make contact with our Fitness Lab team, by email or telephone 01 526 2050, you will be sent an invitation email link to our online questionnaire. This builds a comprehensive pattern of your ambitions, goals and previous exercise history, alongside a detailed assessment of your health, surgery and medication history. These questions allow our team to select the test protocols that are most appropriate for you. It is important that you are complete and truthful in the questions. This questionnaire must be completed before we can schedule your appointment.


After we receive your questionnaire, our team will assess the protocols and you will be contacted within 7 working days to book an appointment and invited to attend the clinic for a session of approximately 2 hours.


You should attend in sports training clothing, but we have lockers, changing rooms and showers available as well as an onsite café, for post-testing rehydration and refuelling.


The Test protocols are selected, on the basis of your own personal circumstances, not all tests are suitable for all participants or indeed relevant.


The following are the selection of the test protocols we commonly employ. Our clinical team will be responsible for the selection and risk assessment based on your goals and histor

An assessment of your height, weight, abdominal circumference and blood pressure is performed so we can calculate your Body Mass Index and assess your starting level.

The Harvard Step test is most commonly used for those returning to fitness and is a well-established means of estimating your maximal oxygen uptake. It is a test of endurance and is a fatiguing maximal effort test lasting 5 minutes. It requires you to maintain stepping up and down on a 30cm high step at a defined step rate while we measure your heart rate using a portable heart rate monitor. This allows our coaches an excellent starting point for your programming and feedback

Sports Surgery Clinic has developed over the last 5 years a world-leading reputation in Elite athlete biomechanics research. We have taken this data and developed in conjunction with our partners VALD Performance, VICON and AMTI a means of assessing your body’s function in 3 dimensions. We compare muscular power and landing in lower limbs, upper limbs and neck in a unique laboratory. The testing procedure involves jumping, landing, pushing and pulling and neck strength assessment using force plates, inertial sensors, infrared cameras and video recording to record where your body absorbs and produces muscular power, allowing our coaches to program your future planning most effectively.


This test is employed in almost all our participants and is a unique feature to SSC Fitness Lab.

VU Powered by Pivot SSCA further unique test available to our coaches is VU powered by PIVOT. Developed by SSC with Turing Sense in California, this is a highly demanding high-speed test across 20 to 30 seconds of multi-directional movement, power absorption and landing and maximal acceleration used in professional sports clubs around the world. 9 wearable sensors track joint movement, angles and allow us to compare you to our Clinic database.


The test is maximal effort and completed on both left and right legs to maximum effort. This is the first time this testing is available to the public, outside professional sports clubs and is suitable only for a small selection of our participants.

This test on a treadmill, rowing ergometer or WattBike accurately measures the maximum volume of oxygen your body can use to make muscle energy. We identify that level by pushing your body past the level where you supply enough oxygen to your muscles. This is a 10 minute maximal effort test wearing a breathing mask with a sensor to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide consumption, a heart rate strap, and gives us an indication of when your oxygen level cannot be improved. It is a test to exhaustion and we use the data to plot training level zones in certain patient groups and goal setting.

Most of our clients will not need an ECG before testing, but if you do, it is nothing to be alarmed about if you do, it will not effect your participation in our program. The standard 12-lead electrocardiogram is a representation of the heart’s electrical activity recorded from electrodes on the body surface. You will be required to undress to underwear while the 12 electrodes are applied to your skin whilst lying down, the reading only takes a few minutes to obtain and does not involve any invasive needles. The results are interpreted by a Consultant Physician.

This test is used in patients with more health risk factors and allows us to assess and measure your oxygen consumption whilst carrying out an exercise treadmill test of increasing intensity. This is a ten-minute sub-maximal effort test wearing a breathing mask with a sensor to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide consumption, a 12 lead Electrocardiogram allows us to measure your heart electrical activity simultaneously, and give us a reading of your fitness level and how we can improve it with training. We use this test in certain patient groups who may not be suitable to carry out maximal testing.

The unique feature of the Fitness Lab is the feedback and coaching. During your testing, you will receive a detailed summary of results and be coached through an individualised prescription aimed to achieve your goals and start you on your SSC fitness plan. Your report includes measures of your fitness, power, and biomechanical function.


For those patients attending via VHI, your Fitness Lab appointment includes a follow-up session within 6 weeks with our team. This allows you to judge the success of your plan and to also progress further and ensure you are making the progress you want.

If you do not have the relevant VHI plan, follow up sessions with the Fitness lab team, are available at an additional cost.



Your Pathway to the Fitness Lab

• Call us on 01 526 2050 or email at


• Complete Online Questionnaire

These questions form the basis of both risk selection and also which of our testing protocols is most appropriate for you, so it is important that you are complete and truthful in the answering the questions.


• Clinical Screening of Your Questionnaire

Your questionnaire will be screened by a member of our clinical team who will determine the optimum fitness lab protocols for your individual needs and goals.


• Scheduling an Appointment*

After the clinical screening of your questionnaire has been completed we aim to contact you within 7 working days with an appointment date.


Your Fitness Lab Appointment Day!

You will attend the clinic for a session of approximately 2 hours as the designated time. There is no need to arrive early, but latecomers may not be able to be tested as we have a strict timing protocol. You will meet your Fitness Lab team who will take you through your testing protocols, confirm your goals and the tests themselves, before starting to train on the same day with your individual program. You should attend with:

• VHI insurance plan name and policy number (if applicable)

• Sports training clothing and training footwear


* Please note that no appointments can be made without the completion of an online questionnaire and subsequent review of same by a member of our clinical team.

Physical exercise has strong evidence to show some impressive benefits in reducing the risk of dementia, depression, diabetes and many others…

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