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Groin Clinic

Groin Clinic

GROIN is a unique accelerated sports groin injury diagnosis and rehabilitation treatment clinic at SSC.
Groin pain is a major cause of time lost from sport. The groin is the link between the moving mass of the torso and the propelling forces provided by the leg. As the forces required for propulsion, change of direction and acceleration are centred through this region great stability is also required. If this stability is compromised then gradually the forces applied cause overload to this region. When progressive overload occurs there may be a gradual breakdown of tissue tolerance. Symptoms then begin to affect performance, limiting acceleration, direction change and kicking ability.
In our experience of more than 3,000 patients this is often difficult to diagnose properly, recovery can be a prolonged and frustrating process. Our consultant sports physicians have published extensively on the diagnosis and management of groin pain. This expertise is now coupled with the most advanced diagnostic process, injection intervention and targeted individualised rehabilitation in the world.
The information gathered is exclusive to the athlete and their injury. Rather than a generic or ‘one size fits all’ exercise program, we deliver an individualised return to sport pathway.
This pathway is based on assessment of your unique 3D movement patterns and allows you to enter the pathway at your level of need. Progress is based on achieving set goals rather than generic time limits.
This removes unnecessary delays in exercise progression giving a goal driven scientific approach to the management of the problem.
Our rehabilitation team use immediate, iPad-based, VICON and Dartfish video feedback along with access to pre-recorded training drills to enhance your biomechanical feedback.
You can access your training clips at home the same day via our secure web based portal.
The 3D biomechanics laboratory at SSC is the first of its kind commercially available in the world.
Utilising 8 Bonita High Speed 250Hz cameras, synchronized with 2 AMTI force plates ona Sports Turf surface.
You will wear up to 40 tracking markers allowing a 3-dimensional computer reconstruction as you move through a number of sport and injury specific movements in our Sports Turf floored laboratory.
Forces, joint angles and moments, along with foot placement force patterns are captured.
This identifies timing and movement abnormalities which aid diagnosis.
The Sports Turf floor simulates a normal playing surface and allows accurate testing in as close to possible as a game situation.
The staff at SSC are all recognised experts in this field and have published widely. Ongoing research to demonstrate better diagnosis and rehabilitation alongside interventions are always being developed and you may be invited to take part in such work.
This work has changed our view of the rehabilitation process, better biomechanics leads to a more efficient movement, allowing injury resolution with improved performance.
The stages of rehabilitation will focus more on high speed movement patterns than strength – the unique rehabilitation approach.
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