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PRP Injection

PRP Injection

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a therapy that enables healing through the use of one’s own natural growth factors.
Blood consists of red cells, white cells and platelet cells which are all transported around the body in fluid called plasma.
Platelets contain an abundance of growth factors and cytokines that are involved in healing of all tissues in the body. PRP is a quantity of plasma, usually 2-3mls, which has a higher concentration of platelets than your baseline level.
PRP is entirely natural. We take a 10ml sample of your blood from a vein in your arm and spin it in a centrifuge for 10mins.
Once the blood has separated into the different layers we then isolate the platelets in 2-3ml of plasma
Muscle tears are particularly common in sport. Muscle healing occurs in several phases and can be slow depending on the grade of the injury. During the second phase of healing, the regenerative phase, which begins 24–48hrs post-injury, cells within the injured muscle are stimulated to produce myoblasts (which produce muscle) and myofibroblasts  (which  produce  scar  tissue).
Having isolated the PRP it is then injected into or around the injured muscle with the help of an ultrasound machine to ensure the platelets go exactly where needed.
Once injected the platelets become activated, triggering the release of growth factors which in turn stimulate a healing process. The PRP encourages more myoblast formation and thus more muscle formation.
This will accelerate the healing in the muscle and shorten the time to full recovery


It is important to make us aware of any medications you may be taking before  coming  in  for the injection, e.g. any blood thinners such as Aspirin, Warfarin, or Plavix. We will advise you if you need to cease any medications at the time of making the appointment.

What to bring:

All insurance details are required on the day of your procedure as on arrival, you will be requested to fill in the appropriate insurance forms. Depending on policy type, there may be a shortfall or excess to pay on the day.
Any relevant scans should be brought for the procedure

What to tell us:

It is important to make us aware of any allergies you may have.

What to wear:

You may wear anything you feel comfortable in. Depending on the area to be scanned and injected, you may be asked to remove items of clothing and jewelry and put on a gown provided. You may eat as normal, however, please do not eat a heavy meal before the procedure.
The doctor will provide each patient with a detailed explanation of what will happen and an informed consent will be signed only after it is agreed that you understand and are happy with the procedure.
The doctor will use the ultrasound machine to find the area of interest to be injected, and may mark the skin with a small pen.
A local anaesthetic may be injected under the skin to minimize the pain followed by injection of the PRP into the injured muscle.
The specific instruction will depend on your injury but generally speaking you would avoid vigorous activity for a few days after the injection.
Going about daily activities is usually fine. The doctor may provide you with some simple range of motion and muscle contraction exercises to perform after the injection.
It is not unusual to feel some discomfort or pain after the injection. PRP initiates a pro-inflammatory condition in the tissue that is being treated. If necessary you may use ordinary prescription-free pain killers.
Do not use anti-inflammatory medication and do not use ice on the treated area for two weeks after the injection as both will interfere with the body’s self healing abilities.
This procedure is very safe when performed in a controlled setting.
However, with any interventional procedure there are potential complications.
These include bleeding, infection and a temporary increase in pain levels.
If you develop symptoms you are concerned about please do not hesitate to contact us.
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