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What is Wellness?

Wellness is much more than being free from illness, or injury it is a dynamic process of change and growth. It is a chance for you to become aware of and make choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.
“…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization
We are bombarded with advice on social media and from friends and colleagues on what we can or cannot eat, what supplements to take, what the best exercise is and how mindfulness or meditation can help or counselling. We read self-help books, screen time and be aware of others, while making family time, running our business or working extra jobs to try to achieve this balance, while we chase this goal of achieving wellness.
It is easy to see how we can get this balance wrong, in fact it is amazing so many of us manage to find a balance at all. How can we help you?
You might… be tired, miserable, exhausted and have no time in a busy day with work, family, and after school activities to think that you can ever find time for yourself.
You might… have once been active but let that slip as your family and work take up all your time, and feel that a return to health and wellness is beyond you.
You might… be restarting exercise, wanting to get fit or worried about your current fitness levels.
You might… have a new job and finding the balance between work and rest is leaving you exhausted and struggling to cope or perform.
You might… have been injured and looking to get back to the gym or running.
You might… be being told by your family and friends to get fit.
You might… want to get stronger, more resilient, or just see how you compare.
You might… be a developing teenage athlete looking to specifically improve an area of your performance.
You might… just wish to start the season with the best and most comprehensive profile information available to you. The most important thing you can invest in is “you” and as per most investments knowledge and data is the difference between success and failure.

Health, Fitness and Performance

While we all have more information and resources at our disposal , knowing who to trust and finding answers are often a challenge. The Sports Surgery Clinic have put together a comprehensive package of health, fitness and performance programs, led by our Consultant physicians in Sports and Exercise medicine, to allow you to choose what best suits your goals and challenges and also your current lifestyle. Together they are the most comprehensive and evidence based package available and that evidence is important so you don’t get led in an expensive or frustrating direction so you can achieve results.

Are you tired all the time, stressed, anxious or feeling low? Are you constantly struggling with weight, cannot get your diet right and being pulled in one direction or another? Are you worried about your health and have symptoms that when you search on the internet worry you being something more serious? Have you never been able to exercise or are coming back to exercise after a long break?


The HealthLab is designed just for you.


The program starts at home where you fill out a series of questionnaires to talk about your current health, your understanding of stress, anxiety and risk, and also lets our physician understand a bit about your current lifestyle. This is confidential and used to guide the conversation after we gain a much bigger picture of your health, risks and current test results.


Your HealthLab appointment is in two parts. At the 1st visit you will meet our nursing team who, will take a small sample of your blood for analysis and take your blood pressure and perform an ECG (electrical activity of your heart).


We will also fit a small heart rate data logger (BodyGuard) to you, so we can record your heart rate variability. Finally on this visit we will carry out a DEXA body composition scan to help our doctors guide your review.


For the next 5 days you will also record what you eat, along with times you go to sleep, wake and any stressful moments. This allows us to get a picture of what your life is like and give you a chance to record any worries or concerns during that period.


Your second HealthLab appointment is 7 days after we first see you. Here a Consultant Physician will talk you through your results, data and concerns. Across an hour, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions, and discuss fears.


Your Consultant will then send a written report to your home following the consultation to reinforce any recommendations

Are you always injured? Do you struggle to get the best from your training or have you had a long break from training and wanting to start again? Have you finished the couch to 5 Km program and want help in improving your fitness? Have your friends and family said to you that you need to start exercising more and don’t know where to start? Are you worried about your fitness?


Your FitnessLab journey starts with an online questionnaire measuring your current activity and your goals, it also looks at some risk factors, which help us decide which fitness tests are best for you.


Your visit to the Lab will take 2 hours or more, you will meet our team who will measure blood pressure, weight and your abdominal circumference, and we may take an ECG (electrical activity of your heart) with our nursing team, dependent on your questionnaire. Your coach will talk through your goals and then design a set of fitness, strength and power tests using the very latest technology including breath gas analysis and force plate testing, and unique to SSC, HumanTrak TM biomechanics assessment. You will be given detailed feedback during this appointment.


If you are a VHI patient on an eligible plan you are able to come back at no extra cost in 8 weeks to check how much progress you are making.

We also offer a FitnessLab lite package where our Fitness team will come to you at your corporate HQ and conduct up to 20 tests a day. It combines both strength power and fitness including breath by breath analysis and starts with the online risk questionnaire to be filled out in advance. Some individuals are not suited to onsite testing and would need to attend at SSC based on initial assessment but for many ask at work and see if you can arrange FitnessLab lite in your office.

Are you an athlete wanting to get more out of your program or season? Are you looking to find more strength, power or endurance? Are you looking to see how your biomechanics compare to our injured or elite athlete database? Are you looking to be profiled like a professional athlete? This service is used by International elite clubs who visit SSC for assessment. It is now open to you. Your performance lab journey starts with an online risk assessment and identifies your goals along with injury history for us to bear in mind.



Your 3 hour appointment will start with a review of those risks and in some cases an ECG (electrical activity of your heart) with our nursing team. You will then warm up before starting with our force plate, jump and power testing. This allows us to look at both concentric and eccentric control and identify areas missing in your training. You will then move to complete a test battery of isometric strength in upper and lower limb as well as neck compared against our database of athletes. If you are a field sport athlete, we will then offer you the VU field test; a combination of jumping, landing, cutting, acceleration, power and linear running. You wear a unique sensor set which allows us to examine joint angles and load in this test assessing your speed and mechanics. Finally, we will complete a Vo2 or lactate threshold test to identify your current performance levels. You will receive a written summary of your performance, how you compare and areas for improvement.

Health, Fitness and Performance

We use a combination of goal setting, cardiac risk, and past medical history questionnaires to unlock the tests that are most suitable for you. They remain confidential and there is no right or wrong answer so please answer truthfully.

It is important we understand the stresses in your life and how you cope with them and what effects this might have on your health. It is also important to understand how you manage rest. We use anxiety, state and trait and risk taking behaviour questionnaires to guide our consultation.

We ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire to understand your thoughts on diet, nutrition and health and how this impacts your life.

An assessment of your height, weight, abdominal circumference and blood pressure is performed asa baseline.


DEXA does a full body scan from head to toe. It uses a small dose of x-ray to measure body composition to differentiate between bone, muscle and fat tissue. The DEXA will give you a very accurate body fat measurement and help us shape your approach to health and lifestyle.

A healthy heart beat contains healthy irregularities. Even if your heart rate is, say, 60 beats per minute, that doesn’t mean that your heart beats once every second – or at one-second intervals like a clock. Measuring the variability or HRV is important in understanding how your body copes with stress during the day, and at night. We will fit a Bodyguard to you and measure 5 to 7 days of data which we will download and analyse when you return for your appointment. This gives us a measure of how you cope with stress, how recovered you are and what we can do to shape the future and will be summarised in your report.

We take a small sample for analysis full blood count, inflammation markers, liver function, glucose, Hba1C and insulin, HOMA-B, cholesterol ratios, Vitamin B12, Magnesium and Ferritin among others. These will be discussed and help identify deficiencies, early diabetes, inflammation and risk in your consultation.

The Sports Surgery Clinic have developed over the last 5 years a world leading reputation in Elite athlete biomechanics research. We have taken this data and developed a means of assessing your body’s function in 3 dimensions. We compare muscular power and joint coordination in lower limbs, upper limbs and neck in a unique laboratory. The testing procedure involves jumping, landing, pushing and pulling and neck strength assessment using force plates, inertial sensors, infrared cameras and video recording to record where your body absorbs and produces muscular power, allowing our coaches to program your future planning most effectively.

A further unique test available to our coaches is VU. Developed by SSC, this is a highly demanding high speed test across 20 to 30 seconds of multi directional movement, power absorption, landing and maximal acceleration used in professional sports clubs around the world. 9 wearable sensors track joint movement, angles and allow us to compare you to our database. The test is maximal effort and completed on both left and right legs to maximum effort. This is the first time this testing is available to the public, outside professional sports clubs.

We use video technology and Force Decks platforms to give an overview of landing and jumping mechanics and how this might influence your training program. We are able to travel with this system and it is part of FitnessLab programs.

This test on a treadmill, rowing ergometer or WattBike accurately measures the maximum volume of oxygen your body can use to make muscle energy. We identify that level by pushing your body past the level where you supply enough oxygen to your muscles. This is a 10 minute maximal effort test wearing a breathing mask to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide consumption, a heart rate strap, and gives us an indication of when your oxygen level cannot be improved. It is a test to exhaustion and we use the data to plot training level zones in certain patient groups and goal setting.

Most of our clients will not need an ECG before testing, but if you do, it is nothing to be alarmed about it will not affect your participation in our program. The standard 12-lead electrocardiogram is a representation of the heart’s electrical activity recorded from electrodes on the body surface. The reading only takes a few minutes to obtain and does not involve any invasive needles.


The results are interpreted by a Consultant Physician.

This test is used in patients with more health risk factors, and allows us to assess and measure your oxygen consumption whilst carrying out an exercise treadmill test of increasing intensity. This is a 10 minute sub-maximal effort test wearing a breathing mask with a sensor to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide consumption, a 12 lead Electrocardiogram allows us to measure your heart electrical activity and give us a reading of your fitness level and how we can improve it with training.


We use this test in certain patient groups who may not be suitable to carry out maximal testing.


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