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Friday 29th April 2016
Sports Surgery Clinic today launched a pilot study to assess the effects of rehabilitation post concussion in adolescent rugby players and the development of a Concussion Passport screening service.
Cutting-edge tests for teenagers to begin next season is most welcome
An article by Peter O'Reilly which was published in the Sunday Times. 
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As a leading international centre for the treatment of orthopaedic, spinal, sports and exercise related injuries, the Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC) delivers new standards for excellence in patient care. With enhanced patient diagnosis, treatment and recovery times, the SSC offers in one location a rapid access facility for screening, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and surgical treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries.

Our dedicated team of medical specialists are experts in the science and medicine related to sports injuries, athletic performance, joint replacement and spinal surgery. With our focus on rapid and positive patient outcomes, the SSC offers a same day service where test results are available within 24 hours.
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